5 Life-changing Makeup Hacks to Help You Save Money

Life-changing makeup hacks are basically the things that a lot of makeup aficionados have up their sleeves. We all know that a good makeup kit can be costly and can cost an arm and leg.

So, to make most out of our beauty regimen partner, here are 5 Life-changing makeup hacks that may come in handy. We are talking about beauty hacks that can help you with your common beauty problems.

The best thing about learning these hacks is the fact that there are very easy and convenient to follow. Here you will find 5 life-changing makeup hacks to help you solve common beauty issues. You will be amazed how uncomplicated and stress-free these are.top makeup hacks

Beauty hacks to remember:

Do you want to have longer eye lashes? It may take some time to have a longer eye lash and eye lash lengthening solutions or treatments may be costly. Well, some solutions are just lying around your kitchen, and in this case, olive oil. This aromatic oil can help your eye lashes grow faster. It serves as a conditioner allowing your lashes to grow strong and healthy without having to break your bank. To apply, use a clean spoolie or buds. Pour enough oil to your spoolie, close an eye and slowly apply it on your eye lash. Make sure your eye lashes receive ample amount of oil. Do this often and you will see a big difference in just a month or two.

Broken lipstick?  Having a broken lipstick when you needed it the most can happen to anyone. Just how many times have you experienced this dilemma and can you still count how many broken lipsticks you have thrown away after you have accidentally dropped them? Now, that is money down the drain. A waste of our money really, but if you just know how to fix a broken lipstick and save money, you would do it right? All you actually need is a lighter. Simply burn your lipstick until in sticks back. This is would take you about 20 seconds and you have your lipstick back looking almost brand new. You can use a match stick if you do not have any lighter around, just make sure it does not burn too much otherwise you’ll have a black lipstick.

We need a good source of light when doing about our beauty regimen. And if your makeup mirror depends on natural light or on the lights on your ceiling, you may have to get yourself some small LED lights. These lights emit a much brighter light and since you will be putting it around your portable makeup mirror, you need to do a little bit of wiring. Otherwise, get a series of LEDs from the store, then, glue it around the mirror. Some of these lights are powered by small batteries making it easy to carry around. You need not buy those expensive lighted vanity mirrors just to have the perfect makeup.

BB Cream is probably one of the most dependable makeup items on your makeup kit. But some of these branded creams are astronomically expensive, making it quite hard to get. And since it is quite costly, we only use a very small portion of it to make it last longer. But the amount may not be enough to make it effective. Solutions? Create your own by using your concealer and you will be saving more money. Mix your concealer and moisturizer until you have achieved the desired texture. Mix them well and make sure no lumps are found. Then apply generously on your face and see the results.

Tired of going around the beauty stores and shops for your makeup? Then, all you need is your smartphone, computers and tablets. Simply visit online shops and sites offering makeup and beauty products. Use discount vouchers. To save more, take advantage of legitimate sites offering discounts, vouchers and promo codes when doing your online shopping. Just be sure to check if they are legitimate and products are not yet expired.

We usually use our flat iron to make our hair super sleek but little do we know it can more than that. People with natural curls thinks that flat iron will only make their hair straight. If you prefer to have those beautiful and sexy curls, wrap around a strand to the front of the flat iron, pull through the plates and slowly pull the hair through. The curls will look rounder and barrel-esque looking like those you see on the red carpets. Please remember the direction of the curls is determined by where you placed your hair on the plates. If you have shorter hair but wants to have a curly look on it, simply run the locks quickly through the plates. Take a strand, flip the flat iron once and steadily run through the length of your hair. Do not hold the iron for too long, you will end up a super tight curl. DO NOT USE your flat iron on wet hair. The moisture on your hair will literally boil.

Lastly, if you are short of cash but wants to have the next best thing possible, buy little known brands that offer quality products. Drugstore dupes are offered at a fraction of those expensive brands. These replicas can provide you with what you want in say, lipstick color but cost less.

Bonus Hack:

Use petroleum jelly as an alternative to your expensive eyebrow gel. It can also turn dry lips into a glossy one instantly.


It is okay to splurge on expensive brands once in a while especially if you have enough cash. But not at all the time can we afford to buy branded products, can we? So it is sensible to be innovative and creative in our makeup and beauty routine. We do not need to break our bank and rend us broke just to have that perfect face. All it takes is a little ingenuity and this 5 makeup hacks.

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