How to Make a Water Dispenser

If you’re someone who wants to keep hydrated at all times or you simply wanted to enjoy refreshing drinks while you are on the go, a water dispenser will surely be a great help to you. But instead of buying a best water dispenser for your home, you may want to consider making your own. A DIY water dispenser is a great way to save money. It’s super cool and super easy to make, too. So here are the steps on how to make a water dispenser.How to Make a Water Dispenser

Prepare the Materials

The first step is to prepare the materials that you’ll need in making this DIY water dispenser. You would be delighted to know that this water dispenser can be made using some of the basic supplies and materials that you already have in your home. Specifically, you will need an empty can of Pringles, a pair of nail clip scissors, empty jar of Nutella, a pencil, a sheet of paper, glue stick, a knife, hot glue gun, empty tube of toothpaste, and a drinking straw.

Step 1

The first step is to place the toothpaste cap at the side of the empty Pringles container. Using a pencil, trace the circumference of the toothpaste cap. Then cut out the traced circumferences with the use of a nail-clipping scissor. This should create a hole in the side of the Pringles can.

Step 2

Next, draw a curved line just below the hole and cut along the curve. Draw two straight lines that will extend from the two ends of the curve towards the bottom of the container and cut out the shape. You need to make sure that the section is wide enough to be able to accommodate a glass for your water.

Step 3

In order for your water dispenser to look presentable, get rid of the packaging print of the Pringles can that you’ve used. Do the same thing with the Nutella jar. Remove the paper label that’s attached to it. Then cover the entire Pringles container with a white vinyl sheet then coat it using a white spray paint and add a touch of finesse to make the dispenser look more presentable. Make sure that you also cut out the aforementioned shapes that are hiding behind the paper.

Step 4

Next, get the tube of an empty toothpaste and cut it into the middle. Remove all the contents and keep the side cap to be used later on for this project. Divide the toothpaste tube into smaller strips with the use of your scissor while avoiding cutting the hard plastic part that’s on top. Extend the strips outwards and put hot glue on each of the strips. Attach the toothpaste tube to the hole of the Pringles can while making sure that the opening of the tube is sticking out of the hole.

Step 5

Get the Nutella jar and draw a line in its center and extend the marking towards the side of the lid. Draw two dots at the top of the lid in such a way that they are in the same line with the markings on the side. Cut the two dots out, and insert the drinking straw into one of the small holes that you made.

In order for the water to be able to pass through the dispenser, you should place the lid upside down on top of the Pringles can and make the other end of the straw to stick through the tube of the toothpaste. When you get the assembly done right, invest the lid and attach the straw, putting it back further on and attaching the straw to the tube as well. Cut the straw’s unwanted portion out and place the cap of the toothpaste tube back on.

Step 6

Finally, fill the Nutella jar with water or any of your favorite drink. Then screw the jar to the Pringles container. Turn the container upside down then flip the assembly all over again. By now, your water dispenser should be all set to fill the glass that you’ll put inside the empty section of the dispenser.

This is how this DIY water dispenser works – the air that is coming through the drinking straw will push the water to run through the hole. If you will not close the toothpaste cap tight enough, water will drip. This means that the air would still be able to come through the straw. If you close the toothpaste cap tightly, the water will not drip.

It’s fun to make your own water dispenser at home and it’s a great way to save money as well. However, if you are someone who is not fond of DIY tasks or you don’t have the patience to go through the entire steps, you may want to consider buying your own water dispenser instead!


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