How to Choose a Garbage Disposal – Finding a Way to Solve the Waste

There’s absolutely no doubt about the great benefit of buying some garbage disposal for your kitchen. But, on the other hand, you really have to be sure if you want to buy some high-quality garbage disposal for your house or not.

So, how to choose a garbage disposal for your personal requirements?how to choose a garbage disposal

What do you need to consider?

When you want to acquire a top quality garbage disposal, maybe you will notice that you got many different models and options available. The truth is that finding the functional garbage disposal is sometimes quite easy in the case that you know something about them. You also have to remember that cheap product isn’t really the smartest choice.

Grinding Power

Power makes some huge impact both in durability and performance. For the cheap price, you can acquire 1/3-horsepower units. That is not so recommendable and this means that you have to spend some bigger amount of money to acquire some more crucial horsepower.

Invest in some units that deliver a minimum of 1/2 horsepower or 3/4 horsepower, but even better then that is 1 horsepower. Those low power products don’t perform so reliably, mostly in cases when they grind bones and also hard food kind of scraps. As a clear result, there are far more likely if you got poorly-ground kind of a waste for clogging some pipes.

Higher models are able to really grind anything. So, with some top-end models, the disposer truly got some multiple grinding parts that will even grind food, all that exceedingly quietly.

You can also practically liquefy corn cobs, celery, coffee grounds, chicken bones, and much more, so though top-end models that are over $600, there are many nice models for buying.


The essential thing to really determine is done local regulation allow that you actually buy a nice garbage disposal. If you want to put in some brand new product in some place where you really haven’t had some old garbage disposal product before, then you must check this.  Well, not every area allows for possessing the garbage disposals just because of some vastly increased strain which they put on regular sewer lines.


Will plumbing really handle a regular garbage disposal? Well, not all plumbing systems will truly take some time for checking this first. And, it’s important to always check your personal fixtures if you want to discover the right garbage disposal types that will be completely compatible with sewer and plumbing system.

You must also check if you want to see some electrical outlets that are under the regular sink so you can also plug in your garbage disposal. Because, without this, you’ll really need to completely wire it to some existing circuit. You must do that also with a wire that is inside of a switch.

Motor Size

Most of those tiny garbage disposals possess a motor which uses just around 1/3 horsepower. So, while that will be very fine if you live alone in your apartment, you really need truly something far more powerful if you got a large family house or apartment.

Also, you should look for some product that got some nice 1/2 horsepower motor. So, with some huge house with plenty of persons there, you might want some big 1 horsepower kind of motor on the new garbage disposal. That will completely handle almost everything without problematic staining, and there will be fewer chances to burn its motor quickly.

Dishwasher Attachment

Sometimes, before finding this product, you must also consider a dishwasher attachment. That depends on the place where you want to put this garbage disposal in your apartment. Therefore, if you have a private restaurant or bigger kitchen, then you must consider this seriously.

Stainless Steel

Also, consider some garbage disposals that possess stainless steel types of blades. Because these are sharper and harder and also will last much longer. They will also grind up all kinds of food far more finely. Those cheap products will certainly use less steel in the construction and also will be truly more likely to die off, much sooner.

Disposal Warranties

Warranties for these products run from approximately one year all the way to the purchasers lifetime. The biggest-of-class type of warranty can be truly a lifetime mechanical or in-home corrosion replacement kind of warranty. You need to consider this if you want to buy a more durable product.

The Price

Lastly, the price is really the very simple thing here. Mostly those more costly products offer the better power and durability, but that is not always the case. So, sometimes it’s better to buy some smaller product, according to your own needs, and not always the costly kind of unit.


From some basic environmental and ecological points of view, these garbage disposals possess both minuses and pluses. So, you must find a very nice compromise between many different traits of the garbage disposal, and to adapt to the environment. How to choose a garbage disposal – that will be the much easier thing to accomplish if you truly know that.

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