How to Choose the Best Hand Cream for Dry Skin

The skin in hands probably gets abused more as compared to rest of the skin in our bodies. We tend to bombard it with everything and anything that we can think of. And despite of trying to keep it clean, the skin in our hands get dry, scaly and rough eventually.Hand Cream for Dry Skin

It is very important to take care of the skin in hands, as making it dry and rough will result to problems later on.  Those cracks and dehydrated skin in your hands are due to frequent hand washing, the use of strong soaps and sanitizers, weather and what-have-you. These makes for serious dryness on your skin. Thus, it is equally important to find the right if not the best hand cream for dry hands for you. Finding the right hand cream for your skin is like finding a parking spot in the middle of an urban center. However, if you know what type of skin you have and the seriousness of your problem, looking for your holy grail hand cream may have a solution. Yes, different skin, different degree of skin dryness requires different hand creams, after all not all hand creams are created equal.

Indulging on the best hand cream for dry skin and making it a part of your daily routine can save your hands from total disaster. Here are some tips on how you can save by buying only the appropriate and best hand cream for dry hands:

Check the condition of your hands. If you are suffering from slight or mild dryness in your hands, chances are you need not buy those intensive creams or creams that offers express hydration. You may only need creams for everyday use. Do not dive in immediately for lotions or hand creams or purchase hand lotions offering something when in fact you need something else.

If you are struggling with flaky skin due to dryness and want it removed fast, a cream offering exfoliating benefits can come in handy. However, it would be best if you check with your dermatologist first before using this kind of hand lotion.

Moreover, if you want hand creams that protect not only your hand’s skin but also nail beds, hand cream like Neutrogena or Nivea has those creams, helping hydrate nail beds and avoids peeling and weak nails. As a bonus, these hand creams can make manicure look better and last a bit longer as compared to those without hand creams.

If you need a lot of moisture, then Aquaphor or Vaseline with their lighter ointments should do the trick. Though you may be tempted to buy the thickest and greasiest cream you can get your hands on, lighter creams always provide the most moisture. Just indulge on these creams at night and let your skin heal. Remember, just like our bodies, our skin heals the most during night time.

If you are always exposed to the sun, harmful UVA/UVB rays can damage not only your face but your hands as well. Shield them from these harmful rays by applying hand lotion with SPF like the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry – Touch Sunscreen.

And if you are having rough, dry and dark spots in your hands, a hand cream having brightening and exfoliating properties will be your best friend. It will not only hydrate your skin, makes it supple and smooth, it will also remove dark and uneven skin tone. However, if you are experiencing two skin problems and your existing hand cream only targets one concern, you can generously apply another cream that targets the other issue say, an hour later. Let the first cream do its job before indulging on the other hand lotion.

If you are that individual who wants to have a smoother and supple skin without leaving your hands greasy, get a hand cream that contains Aloe Vera. This plant extract has a lot of healing properties for your skin. It is even used by people with bad sunburn and helps hand cream gets absorbed by the skin quickly. You can now say goodbye to greasy hand creams forever.

Surely, there are lots of hand creams in the market today, promising all the benefits that you will gain when using it. However, make it a point to check the label, the ingredients and test a bit on your skin. Make sure you are not allergic to any of its ingredients.

Moreover, always consult a medical expert when applying any of the products especially when the symptoms do not go away. Remember not to fall for those fancy skincare ingredient jargons, always double check and ask for recommendations when buying the best hand creams for dry skin.

So there you have it. Buying the best hand creams for dry skin should not be a mystery, even those with the driest skin.

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