Best Ceramic Flat Iron Vs. Best Titanium Flat Irons

We surely feel the vibrations you get in your body when being stuck in the middle on which one to buy.

Should you go for a ceramic flat iron?

Or you should go for a titanium flat iron?

We are not surprised why you are confused between these two. These are the most popular plate type hovering in the market. This topic has been shaking a lot of women, so just calm down because you are not alone.

You probably asked some of your friends, but all of them are saying both positive things on the two. The truth is both of them can work effectively, but differently based on the hair type you have.a girl with flat iron

Why choose the best ceramic flat iron?

To clear out the confusions you are currently facing, we will give you the major differences between on these two. Ceramic vs. Titanium flat irons is just a hot issue nowadays. The main thing you should ask yourself is:

What is the difference?

Which one will work out best for me?

The best flat iron is the one that can give your superior results based on your hair type and needs. Just do note that ceramic flat iron has the lightest power compared to the other plate type over there.

So, we can highly recommend this one to women who have natural straight hair. This also works best if you have a thin hair type, the light and moderate power will help you to have evenly heat on your hair strands.

Ceramic plates are also known for even heating. It means that you don’t have to repass the plates over and over again through your strands, just to get them drier or more straighten. This will save you from heat damaging issues. Although it may take time to heat up, this will get you a salon-like results half the price.

Why choose the best titanium flat iron?

On the other hand if you have a heavily curly hair or a straight thick hair, you will need a plate that comes with more power than ceramic. Introducing the titanium flat iron, this comes with massive power. This is something you’d want to be sitting on your make-up table if you have a heavy and thick hair course.

This heats up quickly and does not give you any hot spots. This would come is great value especially for women who have time to catch. So, shout out to all those working ladies out there who is looking for something that could help them get their hair done in a matter of minutes.

The heat transfer of the titanium plates are extremely impressive, that’s why expect that you will get fine and superior results out of using this one. Although this is not recommended for daily usage, this is heavily used in salons. You’re favorite salon for sure have this type of flat irons.

Since, they have customers that have different hair types. And the titanium flat iron works best with any hair type. However, if you have a thin straight hair that needs slight moderation, you do not need the titanium full power to get it fix, what you need is the ceramic plate.

Heat transfer

Let’s talk about the major difference between these two plates. Obviously titanium plate will top of the battle, the titanium plates have irons that heat up the fastest. Usually, if you have a ceramic plate, it will heat up after 30 seconds or more. This could be time-consuming for others.

Flat irons gently produces infrared energy to heat your hair strands and thus, straightens it. The titanium metal is known to product heat transfer quickly compared to ceramic. The heat transferred can be a little more compared to the ceramic, but do bear in mind that it also depends on the type of hair you have. If you have a fine straight hair you are better off with the ceramic type.

Heat evenness

Every woman would love to have heat evenness on their hair strands. Aside from it saves their time, it also keeps their hair safe and healthy. Aside from the heat protectant, investing on flat irons that could produce heat evenly can also help your hair be protected from heat damage.

When you have hot spots you need to redo some of the hair strands over and over again to straighten them or get them drier, by doing this one you are unconsciously damaging your hair. To avoid this type of issue, you need to a flat iron, which can perform heat evenness.


You do not have to spend more than $200 for a flat iron. You also have to consider that type of budget you put aside for you hair. But we can suggest is invest on your hair.

Choose the one that you think will work best for you. The high-titanium plates can come with a greater price and of course high-end ceramic plates could also get expensive.


You should invest on flat irons that will last for years and not for just couple of months. When it comes to durability, titanium would be a great choice. You do not have to worry if they will break apart when you accidentally drop them.

Unlike ceramic, titanium will not break. Titanium is also easier to use because of they are light weighted flat iron.

Bottom Line

Both have advantages and disadvantages. To produce great results, but highly depends on the hair type you have. Do not forget to consider the type of hair you have, that would determine the difference between best and worst buy you’ll ever make. Ceramic flat irons will work best if you have fine and natural straight hair.

On the other hand if you have a very curly hair, you better settle down with a titanium plate. Best ceramic flat ironvs. best titanium flat iron, which one is better? The answer will depend on your hair type. Always consider your reasons for buying and your hair type.

Happy picking, ladies!

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