Clip On Book Lights for Reading

Reading books is an all-time favorite hobby of many. They do it anytime and anywhere they want. The best thing about reading is that it has no disadvantages but instead can give a ton of advantages plus the new things and knowledge that is learned. While many people love to do their reading in the day, there are also those people who simply love to read books or eBooks before heading to sleep.

This is for the reason that reading books before sleeping helps induce sleep and it also helps to better retain the information from the moments before sleeping. Having said so, reading books with the right lighting is one important consideration that any reader should bear in mind.

Reading lights can help in many ways and can further improve the experience of reading. Here are a few things you need to know about reading lights and why clip on book lights for reading is the better choice of reading light for reading in bed

Reading lights and why you need them

Reading lights as we already know is a lighting device used for reading. Although its primary design is to be used for reading, it can also be used for other applications such as lighting on a computer desk, outdoor lighting, lighting for small and compact spaces, portable lighting within the car, desk light, and many other applications. It is usually compact and designed to fit small spaces and areas and comes with many advanced features such as head and neck adjustment, level of lighting or illumination, color lighting feature, and many others. There are a number of benefits of using reading lights and one that is very common is to help relieve the eyes from eye strain.

Clip on book lights in particular are much preferred by many users since it comes with almost all features. Among its features include directional adjustment, portability, its clamp or clip feature which allows it to be placed in any locations or spots, its lighting level or illumination and size.

What you need to consider when buying reading lights

Although reading lights are very important and it is always a relief to have one ready in case you need one, it is still essential that you understand that best quality of reading lights that is right for your needs. So which features do you need to go for when looking for a reading light in the market?

Brightness and illumination

One thing that you should always check on your ideal reading light is the level of lighting or illumination that it has. While it should be as bright as possible to help give you vision in the dark, it should also have an adjustable brightness so you can use the device in different occasions. It should have at least three levels of brightness which is full lighting, mid and dim. Each level of brightness can be used for different applications to provide convenience to the eyes.

Energy saving

Of course, you would also want your ideal reading light to be energy saver and does not consume too much power. When it comes to costs, bulbs with high wattage consumption will definitely cost more on the bill. Modern advancements provided us with convenience in this regard as we now have LED lights which not only consumes much lesser power but can also last longer than the traditional light bulbs. Also, it comes with various colors along with different sizes and shapes to match any lighting preference.

Style and feature

You may also want to consider the style as well as the feature of your reading light. A particular favorite feature of users is the adjustable neck of their reading lights as it allows them to move the light closer or farther without having to change the location of the whole device or unit. An even more advanced feature is the clip or clam feature paired with the adjustable neck feature which allows the user to move the device to different locations, locations and positions. Clip on book lights in particular are also light and come in a variety of bulb sizes, shapes and illumination.


If you’re looking to use a reading light anywhere and anytime then it may also be best to opt for those that can be used without plugging in an outlet. In this regard, the best choice would be those that make use of batteries or those that are rechargeable. These types of reading lights are usually much compact and smaller in size compared to the regular reading light. Although it is designed to be much smaller, it usually costs more than the ordinary reading light because it is portable.


Just like any other device, you should also ensure that your ideal reading light is durable and could last for a long time of continued use. Check to see the outer cover or casing of the unit that it should be made with durable plastic that is resistant to moist and pressure. The head of the unit which holds the bulb should also have a good resistance to heat to avoid skin burns when accidentally touching the head and to stay away from other problems caused by overheating from the bulb.


Likewise, you should also consider the price of your reading light just like when buying anything else. If you’re looking to save more on the price, just try to bear in mind the features that you need out of your reading light. The lesser features that your unit comes with, the lesser its price will be. Only focus on those features that you need and avoid having too much features in your device which you will never end up using anyway.

Reading lights are indeed a convenient way for you to have perfect vision of whatever you are reading or work on. It helps relieve the eyes of strain and it helps you position your light for convenience. Regardless if it comes with a stand, clamp, or a clip, reading lights will always be a trend in many modern applications.

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